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Welcome to the Horseshoe Farm web site

Hello and welcome from all at Horseshoe Farm

Horseshoe Farm is a 27 acre smallholding  located in West Suffolk. It has been owned and operated its Karen and Susan Preston since January 2004. Our three dogs Bentley, Ludo and Breeze live with us along with our three Horses Rooney, Daly and new young horse Rio (Don Jamie). Unfortunately our other young horse Rupert passed away suddenly on the 01/05/09 from EGS. We have three paddocks for the horses which are enclosed by post and rail fencing. Facilities include a stable block fixed field shelter, mobile field shelter and 60M x 30M sand and rubber menage for the horses. The rest of the land has been planted for hay production.  We produce our own hay using agricultural machinery that we have purchased or acquired over time. Tractors and large machinery are essential to maintain the land as there is a lot of hard work required to keep the place running.  The paddocks require quite a bit of attention in the form of cutting, spring tine harrowing, rolling, spraying for hardy and poisonous weeds and fertilising, to keep them in good order for the horses. These activities go on throughout the year although they are more intense in the spring and Autumn.  Please use the navigation buttons on the left to look around the site.

Spring season 2014 at Horseshoe Farm 

A wet winter this year has delayed activities but spring is now with us along with the never ending task list. Horses are still in the front field on hay. Sammy Rolo is settling in well after joining us post the sad loss of our dear friend Rooney. Bently was sadly put to sleep a few weeks back as his health had deteriated badly over winter and he had trouble eating. An operation was needed but he could no longer have this due to liver failure. Ludo misses his mate and is himself showing signs of old age. The horses are appreciating the warm weather especially the old boys..                                                              

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